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From The Girls' Book of Love


Welcome to The Girls’ Book of Love. I’m glad to be able to provide you with this collection of quotes, stories, poems, song lyrics, and facts about love to help deepen your understanding of love. The women and girls in this book have been in love. They’ve felt the exhilaration of crushes, lived through the disappointment of rejection; they’ve ridden the whole roller coaster of relating. Along the way they’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and when to let a relationship go. They know the difference between infatuation and a deep connection. They know what lasting love requires, and what it gives back. And they’re happy to share this all with you!

When I was a teen, I was pretty clueless about romantic relationships. After flipping through ads in magazines and seeing television shows, I assumed that love amounted to a blissful, floaty sensation. (Sometimes it does. . .but there is so much more.) If I had known then what I do now about real-life love, I would have been better prepared and had different expectations. So I hope this book will do this for you: that it will shine a light on the mysteries of love and gives you an idea of its possibilities.

The Girls’ Book of Love is focused on the emotions surrounding the pursuit of romantic connections. It’s not meant to help you snag a boyfriend or learn how to flirt but to give you a greater appreciation for what love is and how it might affect you. It’s a celebration of love balanced out by a little practical advice and some reality-checking. It’s intended to give you a glimpse into the intense feelings of having a crush, the letdown of being attracted to someone who doesn’t like you back, the comfort of being with a long-term sweetie. This book is an optimistic yet realistic picture of what love could hold as you explore it in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

Each chapter includes a mix of several elements, including:

Cool Quotes. Let the actors, singers, writers, and other women and girls quoted at the beginning of each chapter enlighten you on everything from crushes to first dates to soulmates. Need a little wisdom on “just being friends” or how to cope with being dumped? Just flip to the right chapter for some comforting thoughts.

Guy’s-Eye View. Wonder how boys and men feel about love, and whether they see things as you do? This section presents profound, sappy, and entertaining reflections from the other half of the population.

True Stories. Once you’ve read some of the quotes, delve into a few true tales. This section features stories about asking guys out, taking drivers’ training with a crush, and more. Some of these stories will give you a warm fuzzy feeling, while others will get you thinking: “Could that happen to me?” or “How would I feel in that situation?”

Love Poems. For some reason, being in love makes people want to write poetry. The poems in this section express devotion, what it feels like to be nuts about someone, disappointment, and more.
Romantic Lyrics. You’ve probably heard lots of songs about love. Read here for some of the best love lyrics written or sung by women.

Quick Lists. Check this section for love data such as girls’ favorite romantic movies and places to go on dates.

Fascinating Facts. These survey findings, trends, and trivia about love are waiting for you at the end of most of the chapters.

Whether you’re new to the notion of love or into the nuts and bolts of dating and relating, I hope this book will be a great help as you move from girlhood to teenhood and beyond. I hope it inspires you to reach for love’s greatest heights and empowers you to embark upon the road to true love with all the key “tools”—understanding, awareness, and anticipation!

Catherine Dee

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