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From The Girls' Book of Friendship


My best friend has taught me in numerous ways and opened my eyes . . . . You hold my best friend in your hand. My best friend is that rarest of jewel . . . a book.­­Michele H. Lacina, writer

Welcome to The Girls' Book of Friendship! This book can help you:

  • Evaluate whether someone would make a good friend
  • Become the kind of friend everyone needs
  • Know when you can truly trust someone
  • Make new friends in unexpected places
  • Become an attentive listener
  • Navigate friendships in and outside of the popular crowd
  • Plan adventures you'll never forget
  • Appreciate the value of friendship
  • Inspire and be inspired by your friends
  • . . . and much more
The Girls' Book of Friendship has thirty chapters, each dedicated to a different aspect of life with your friends. You'll find a combination of different elements in these chapters:

Cool Quotes about all aspects of friendship. The wise girls and women who've said these bits of wisdom hail from assorted countries, occupations, and historical periods. These writers, actors, singers, professionals in different fields, and "regular" people offer great insights based on their own experiences. If you're having trouble with a friend, a quote about fights could help you make up. You might read a quote about best friends that gives you a new appreciation for your own; or one about celebrating friends that inspires you to plan a friendship "anniversary" lunch. This book puts it all at your fingertips so you can find the right suggestions about friendship any time you need them.

True Stories. These tales are warm and wonderful, intriuging and eye-opening . You'll eavesdrop on what it was like when someone lost her best friend's trust, or realized a new friend could be a best friend, or reconnected with someone who moved away. These life "snapshots" capture incidents that affected the writers' feelings about friendship or their beliefs in general.

Poems. These assorted short works pay tribute to being your own best friend, old and new friends, friends who are always there, and more.

Pal Projects. Here's where you'll find creative ways to let friends know how much you care or to document your relationships.

Quick Lists. These at-a-glance lists cover such topics as qualities people look for in friends, good movies to watch together, and what to expect at sleepovers.

Friendly Facts. This section includes interesting facts and figures on how people think about friendship.

While you'll find plenty of helpful facts and suggestions in The Girls' Book of Friendship, keep in mind that it's not supposed to be an all-inclusive "textbook" on how to make and keep friends. This book is instead a celebration of what friendship -- and especially female friendship -- is all about. I hope it will help you celebrate and enjoy life with your friends -- now and for years to come!


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