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“Don't forget to vote!”

It seems to be a battle cry lately. Many organizations—partisan and nonpartisan, corporate and nonprofit—are pushing this call to action for the upcoming presidential election. And with good reason: the outcome of this election will profoundly affect what goes on in the United States and the world for the next four years.

If you're an overworked mom who's been thinking that maybe you're too busy to vote, stop for a minute. Your voting will set a great example for your daughter. And it's especially important because of the impact each candidate's policies will have on women and girls, both in the immediate and distant future. In addition, several Supreme Court justices may be ready to retire, and the replacements nominated by the next president will shape the future of the court for decades to come.

The exciting part is that, as more than half the population, women have the ability to be the deciding factor in this election. We literally have the power to elect leaders, at all levels, who will look out for our interests. However, according to Ms. magazine, 22 million of the 45 million unmarried women in the United States (between the ages of 18 and 64) did not vote in the 2000 presidential election!

If you have a daughter who's already turned 18, encourage her to get registered and vote. If she's younger, treat her as a voter-in-training and see if you can get her involved and engaged in the voting process. Volunteer with her for a local pre-election event, or have her weigh in on her views when you cast your votes.

Recommended sites for getting informed about the issues include:

Get Out Her Vote

The White House Project

League of Women Voters



Freedom unexercised may become freedom forfeited.
Margaret Chase Smith, congresswoman, 1897-1995

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