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What kind of information we collect and what we do with it:

Our policy on information collection:

  • This site does collect some information from kids who are potentially under 13 years of age. We collect e-mail addresses as an option on one page: the Quiz.
  • We only use information collected to notify you about site updates and items relevant to books and information about teen empowerment.
  • Personal information is never forwarded to third parties; however, it is beyond our ability to prevent e-mail mining by third parties.
  • The contact for the site is Catherine Dee (
  • We get parental consent if we decide to send you information on a regular basis. We are currently not sending out any information on a regular basis. However, if you feel uncomfortable about giving us your e-mail address or other information, or you are a parent and don't want your child's e-mail address and other information displayed in the guest book, please let us know and we'll remove it.
  • If we change the Web site in any material way with respect to collecting information, we will notify you.

For more information about the regulations, please see to the Federal Trade Commission site.

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