Luggage Tag Ordering Details

You can choose any of the personalized Deezines themes on this site or order a custom-designed tag.

Please provide a clear head/shoulders photo (digital or printed) of the person who will own the tags. If you don't have a photo, a logo or other graphic will work, or we can work around it.

For a custom tag, feel free to supply additional photos that would make the tag more personal, such as a shot of the person's home or pet.

Each tag is laminated and comes with a plastic loop for attaching to luggage or a backpack.


Each set of two laminated tags (with loops for attaching to luggage) is $14.95.

8.25% sales tax is added if you’re in California.

Postage is $1.95 for the first set of tags and .50 for each additional set.

Bulk Pricing (one tag design with different names/contact information substituted):

3-25 tags: $5 each (+$3 for shipping)

26-50 tags: $4.75 each (+$5 for shipping)

51-75 tags: $4.50 each (+$7 for shipping)

76-100 tags: $4.25 each (+$9 for shipping)

100+ tags: $4.00 each (exact shipping cost to be determined)

200+ tags: $3.50 each (exact shipping cost to be determined)

Please provide names and contact info for each tag exactly as it should appear. Use our bulk order form or attach a Word document to an e-mail.


When we receive your order form, we will confirm with you via e-mail and ask you to send us a check or pay via Paypal. We'll need you to e-mail or snail-mail the photo, preferably in. jpeg format. (if snail-mailed, it will be returned).

Address: Deezines, P.O. Box 1964, Orangevale, CA 95662; (650) 619-5249

We will e-mail you a copy of the design for your approval before printing.

Tags will be mailed approximately two weeks from the date that both your photo and payment have been received.

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