Magnet Ordering Details

If you have an event or celebration planned, we can make a special magnet or pin for use as a souvenir. This is a unique way to commemorate a:


Each magnet/pin design (2 copies included) is $19.95.

Bulk-Order Pricing

Art set-up charge: $25

3-20 magnets: $4 each, $3 for shipping/handling

21-49 magnets: 3.50 each, $4 for shipping/handling

50-99 magnets: $3 each, $6 for shipping/handling

100+ magnets: $2.50 each, shipping TBD

We'll add 8.25% sales tax if in you’re California.


When we receive your order form, we will confirm with you via e-mail and ask you to send us a check or pay via Paypal. We'll need you to e-mail or snail-mail the photo, preferably in. jpeg format. (if snail-mailed, it will be returned).

Address: Deezines, P.O. Box 1964, Orangevale, CA 95662; (650) 619-5249

We will e-mail you a copy of the design for your approval before printing.

Magnets will be mailed approximately two weeks from the date that both your photo and payment have been received.

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