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Recommended Reading for Parents and Teachers

Girls on Track, by Molly Barker

Packaging Girlhood, by Sharon Lamb, Lyn Mikel Brown

Odd Girl Out, by Rachel Simmons

Queen Bees and Wannabees, by Rosalind Wiseman

Everyday Ways to Raise Smart, Strong, Confident Girls, by Barbara Littman

Will Be Girls, by JoAnn Deak

200 Ways to Raise a Girl’s Self-Esteem, by Will Glennon, Virginia Beane Rutter

How to Say It to Girls, by Nancy Gruver

101 Ways to Help Your Daughter Love Her Body, by Brenda Lane Richardson

I Am Beautiful, by Dana Carpenter and Woody Winfree

Go, Girl!, by by Hannah Storm

Seen and Heard, by The Ms. Foundation for Women, Sondra Forsyth

The Girl Pages, by Charlotte Milholland

in America, by Carol Cassidy

Celebrating Girls, by Virginia Beane Rutter

For All Our Daughters, by Pegine Echevarria

Between Mother and Daughter, by Judy Ford, Amanda Ford

A Toolbox for Our Daughters, by Annette W. Geffert

No More Frogs to Kiss, by Joline Godfrey

Raising Strong Daughters, by Jeanette Gadeberg

Raising Confident Girls, by Elizabeth Hartley Brewer

Growing a Girl, by Barbara MacKoff

Cherishing Our Daughters, by Evelyn Bassoff, Ph.D. (EP Dutton, 1998)

Dads and Daughters, by Joe Kelly (Broadway Books, 2002)

How to Father a Successful Daughter, by Nicky Marone

Raising Our Athletic Daughters, by Jean Zimmerman and Gil Reavill

Things Will Be Different for My Daughter, by Mindy Bingham, Sandy Stryker, Susan All Stetter Neufeldt, Susan Allstetter Neufeldt, Susan Stryker

All That She Can Be, by Carol J. Eagle, Carol Colman

Great Books for Girls, by Kathleen Odean

Reviving Ophelia, by Mary Pipher

Ophelia Speaks, by Sara Shandler

See Jane Win, Sylvia B. Rimm

Failing at Fairness, by Myra Sadker, David Sadker

Does Jane Compute?, by Roberta Furger

Deadly Persuasion, by Jean Kilbourne

The Body Project, by Joan Jacobs Brumberg

Real Gorgeous: The Truth About Body and Beauty, by Kaz Cooke

Beyond Dolls & Guns, by Susan H. Crawford

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