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The Girls’ Book of Success

This one is awesome! The Girls' Book of Success says "I can do it, so can you! Here's how." From page one, stories, testimonials, and bonafide facts pull the reader into this frame of mind. and women offer one inspirational tale after another, telling readers how success ticks for them. On top of it all is this book's small and light size—perfect for carrying in a school backpack!—Alden Dean, poet

The Girls’ Book of Love

As a busy bookstore manager, I had no intention of sitting here and reading The Girls' Book of Love from cover to cover. But I couldn't help it!! This is yet another excellent book from Catherine Dee.—Gloria Edelen

A must-read for every girl falling in or out of love. Everyone's heart is different-yet each can be touched by these pages. Just reading this book brought me on a journey through every emotion and love that I've ever felt. This is the big sister that you always wish you had when it comes to matters of the heart.—Trixie,

The Girls’ Book of Friendship

The Girls’ Book of Friendship was a huge success with one newly 13-year-old—my granddaughter. It's the first gift I have given her since she was a wee one that I know she truly likes; she feels the company of other girls. This book has assisted me in building a bridge to my granddaughter. What a blessing and a gift for all girls like her! —Pat Salgado, Manteo, N.C.

We loved The Girls’ Book of Friendship so much that it’s our book feature for August and September. Catherine Dee has put together advice from women and girls to help you understand and cherish the most important people in your life—our friends. . . . This fun book is a great present to your best friend!
Julie Shannan,

The Girls’ Book of Wisdom

The Girls’ Book of Wisdom features quotes from a dynamic group of intelligent women. Each idea has something positive to offer girls. I intend to send a copy to each of my granddaughters. Ann Richards, former governor of Texas

I give The Girls’ Book of Wisdom to the girls I visit as a volunteer at the local juvenile detention center. All girls like presents, and it's a great ice breaker. Later they tell me about favorite quotes, and, even better, about sharing their book with other girls and comparing quotes. I told the three girls I gave the book to so far that they could leave it at the detention center if they wanted when they left, but none would consider it -- the closest was one of them allowing another to borrow it overnight. I plan to continue taking copies to new girls I’m assigned. I also enjoyed it myself at age 67!—Jeanne Ryan, Houston, Texas

Page after page of the best, most inspiring, most true and encouraging quotes from regular people and writers, both famous and not.I have gone from page to page, being stimulated and encouraged, and feeling like I've been given the wherewithal to carry on with happiness and enthusiasm. Everyone who reads this book should be most encouraged. The Girls’ Book of Wisdom is a book of great value!—N. Lee, 96 years young, Nokesville, Va.

This book contains the truths that moms want their teen girls to understand, but that girls aren't necessarily going to take seriously coming directly from mom. You can tell them what you think, but it's not nearly as effective as having an admired and respected third party to get the important points across. For an independent, inquiring teenage mind, The Girls' Book of Wisdom is the perfect book to have in the house. And since moms can use a little inspiration too, it's a natural for reading on a daily basis with your daughter.—Jane Press, mother of 15-year-old daughter, Santa Cruz, Calif.

Having this wonderful book is like having my own little advisor. The book showed me that you can turn any experience into a positive or useful one, and that when life doesn't go the way you want, you should not give up.—Monica, 15, Monterey, Calif.

You think you’re alone on something, then you read this and are like, wow, everyone really does go through this! It’s like going to a psychiatrist to get help but getting it all out of a quote. It’s just awesome!—Grad, 17, on SmartGirl web site

I picked up a copy of The Girls’ Book of Wisdom for my eleven-year-old daughter at an author signing recently. I thought It had just the right look and feel: perky cover art with bright, girlish flowers, and a trio of preteens wearing a variety of expressions I’m relearning is the mood palette of adolescence: uncertainty, elation, challenge.

A tidy little size, too, I thought . . . just right for backpack, desk drawer, bedside table-anywhere she might tuck a treasure, if it made it to treasure status. It had possibilities. Cheery pen and ink drawings, a simple, open page layout that doesn't warn “This stuff is serious business!” And an overriding optimistic and comforting collection of quotes on subjects concerning girls: beauty, acceptance, mood swings, confidence, goals, dreaming . . .

I was right. My daughter delved right in. She even read aloud several quotes that made her laugh or sigh. Among my favorites, that I read aloud when it was my turn, were quotes of the women of my generation: Gloria Steinem ("Self esteem isn't everything; it’s just that there’s nothing without it.”); Janis Joplin ("Don't compromise yourself. You're all you've got."); Susan Sarandon (“I believe strongly in my own personal magic.”)

We agree on Miss Piggy. She’s very together (“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”).

And so The Girls’ Book of Wisdom, with its slightly heavy title (But then I never would have bought The Girls’ 365 Days of One-Liners-to-Live-By, or some such) has moved from my daughter’s desk to bedside table these several weeks. We’ve each picked it up from time to time and said, “Hey, listen to this one . . .” Good book; good choice, I've thought, each time that happens. Makes for good conversation.

But it came to earn its name, The Girls’ Book of Wisdom, last week. I've been reeling from a powerful personal loss in my adult life, one I would never expect a young adolescent to understand. My daughter has felt my upset and, being of a sympathetic nature, she's wanted to soothe me. Two nights ago in the middle of an explanation of why I should “cheer up,” she told me, “Mom, listen, the more lost you are, the more you have to look forward to.”

“That’s pretty wise,” I said.

"It’s from the book, Mom."

“Yeah? Who said it,” I asked her.

“Calista Flockhart . . .”

And there you have what makes this a wise book: the keen editorial sensibilities of Catherine Dee, the creator, because it takes a wise collector to sift through the material of the ages and focus it at the hearts of young girls, tying together strands of advice and philosophy-contemporary and timeless-into a resource that communicates right there in their day-to-day lives.

Targeted for an audience of young girls from about 9-14, it’s a book I highly recommend for ALL ages. We moms of young adolescents are just lucky! We’re discovering it first!—Connie Burton, publisher, businesswoman

My preteen daughter asked me why all the heroes and good guys were, well-guys. I was hard pressed to think of any female role models that would be meaningful to her. The Girls' Book of Wisdom is full of good ones.Tracy Levine, Flower Mound, Texas

I'm a big proponent of The Girls' Book of Wisdom because several of my students have undergone clear transformations in their self-esteem, confidence in decision-making, and overall feelings of acceptance as a result of reading this book. It has inspired me the way Reviving Ophelia did, only it's more user-friendly for girls. With its simple but meaningful messages, this book will be required reading for my students for years to come!—Lori Reitman, teacher, Lincoln, Calif.

The Girls’ Guide to Life

This book is great for girls with or without questions about life and themselves. If you would like to know more about you or how to deal with other females this is the best book so far.—Jamie, 12, on Smartgirl web site

Our library has a great resource in The Girls’ Guide to Life. It covers gender equity, media bias, sexual harassment, and all sorts of other topics that would make for terrific units and discussions. There are wonderful ideas for research projects and ways to take action as well as resource citations (books, addresses, websites) that open up a world of possibilities (info. on women in politics, women in sport, women in history, women in math and science). Check it out!—Patricia Kramer, Dominic Mollica School

When my daughter read the first paragraph (not Chapter 1, just whatever page fell open while I was driving down the street), she immediately said, “Oh, wow, this is good! Well, I had her read it to me and this led to a very interesting conversation that was enlightening for both of us—for me because I found out what her thoughts were about how girls should act around boys—for her because she realized that I really had been her age once upon a time and had had similar feelings.

I was pleasantly surprised that she thought it was just fine to share her opinions with boys and not be afraid of what they might think. She said she had hoped they would like and respect her for her opinion but many times that was not what happened and she was considering changing her ways. She thought she was doing it all wrong but the book was confirming her thoughts and she liked that a lot! This opened some good dialogue between us so I could share my feelings and experiences with her and let her know that I agreed with the book. Had it not been for this book, we may not have had that conversation for some time (or maybe not at all), and she may have decided to lean toward being more of a follower than the little leader she seems to be growing into.

An added plus is that, so far, I agree with everything I’ve read, and when I can say something and she can then read it in a book, that gives more credence to what I've said. Sometimes reading it in a book makes it more real than if a parent says it!—Gloria, mother of 11-year-old daughter, Sacramento, Calif.


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