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Looking for the perfect gift for that special girl in your life?

Give her a fun "girl power kit" with everything she needs to get inspired.

Each kit ($19.95) is packaged in a colorful, see-through mini tote bag, includes a book by award-winning author Catherine Dee for girls ages 9-14 plus a fun assortment of complementary items in the same theme.

1. Self-Esteem Kit

Named one of the New York Public Library's "Books for the Teen Age," the Girls' Guide to Life is focused on girls' self-confidence and success in all areas of their lives. According to Gloria Steinem, it's "like having a best girl friend for every activity you can think of, from figuring out eating disorders to starting a math club, from taking self-defense to learning why the media's images of girls are so far from real life."

The Self-Esteem Kit includes a signed copy of the book, a journal, a pen, and a highlighter, plus a blank gift card.

2. Pearls of Wisdom Kit

This kit features The Girls' book of Wisdom, a collection of quotations by girls and women about confidence, creativity, friends, attitude, and much more. The American Library Association selected this title as an "ALA Popular Paperback for Young Adults" and a "Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Readers," and it was a Disney Adventures Best Book. It has also been translated and distributed in Thailand and other countries.

The Pearls of Wisdom Kit includes a signed copy of the book, a notebook for collecting quotations, a magnet strip for displaying favorite quotes, a dream catcher, a highlighter, and a pen, plus a blank gift card.

3. Go Girl Kit

This kit features The Girls' Book of Success, a collection of mini stories, tips, and quotations that "celebrates women in such a way that will reach young ears", according to Children's Literature. It discusses dreams, goal setting, competition, adversity, and teamwork among its topics.

The Go Girl Kit includes a signed copy of the book, a planner, a notebook for writing goals, a mini fashion wristwatch, a pen, and a highlighter, plus a blank gift card.

4. Play Date Kit

This kit's book is The Girls' Book of Friendship, an easy-to-read guide to making, keeping, and enjoying friends. It's "packed full with entertaining and informative information," according to KLIATT. Hallmark did a special hardcover "Gold Crown" edition of this title.

The Play Date Kit includes a signed copy of The Girls' Book of Friendship, two packaged games or activities, suggestions for "getting-to-know-you" exercises and a scratch pad, a pen, a pencil,an eraser, and a highlighter, plus a blank gift card.

Please note: tote bag colors and item colors/designs may vary.

Want the book in your kit signed by the author to your daughter, granddaughter, or niece? Just select that option on your order form.

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