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Catherine does keynotes and informal talks, as well as interactive workshops for girls, on request. She's also available for school visits in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas. For availability and fees, please e-mail


Pearls of Wisdom

This presentation focuses on the power of inspirational quotations, examining ideas about self-esteem, dreams, perseverance, and more. In the workshop version, participants choose favorite quotations and share their life experiences with the group. Can be tailored for daughters and moms or just girls.

It's a Girl's World

This workshop, based on Catherine's book The Girls' Guide to Life, focuses on self-esteem. Participants learn how women and girls are portrayed by the media and how that may affect them, the nature of true beauty, and how they can become more confident in all areas of their lives. Includes exercises and discussion.

Taming the Media Monster

This presentation shows participants how the media may be affecting their self-esteem and what they can do about it—from becoming aware of deceptive advertising practices to becoming activists. Particpants team up and critique current magazine ads.

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